American Advertising Awards Training

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Before getting started we recommend you review the following two documents:


You may download a recording of the webinar that was conducted on 11/9/2013 by clicking here. Please be aware that this file is approximately 300 MB, so if you are on a slow internet connection it may take a considerable amount of time to download. Additionally, this video is about an hour and a half in length.

We also have the recorded webinar from 12/21/2013 available for download here.  This file is as large as the one recorded on 11/9/2013, so it may take a while to download if you are on a slower internet connection.

Judging Webinar:  The judging webinar that was recorded on 1/22/2014 is available for download here.  As with the other recorded webinars, the file size is large, so it may take a considerable amount of time to download.  It is about an hour and a half in length, and it covers the entire process of judging.

In addition, we have the following video trainings available, all links open in a new window to Vimeo.

District Webinar:  The district webinar that was recorded on 2/21/2014 is available for download here. Because of the size of this video, you must download it in order to view it. It is slightly over an hour in length.



  • Process Check Payments
  • Making Modifications as an Admin
  • Allow Entrant to Enter More Data
  • Send Reminder Emails
    Note: You may have noticed at the 4:11 mark that after clicking on “Preview”, there was a blank space between the word “Dear” and the comma. When working with incomplete entries, it is likely that there will be empty fields within some or all of the entries returned by the report. For this reason, you should be careful about inserting variables into e-mails that are sent from reports that include incomplete applications. You may want to generalize salutations for such e-mails by using language like “Dear Entrant” instead of inserting a variable containing the first name.
  • Manually Assign Winners

Judging Checklist – This is a thorough guide covering the steps that you will need to take in order to be ready for judging. Below is a list of videos covering particular topics related to judging:


Please Note: There will be more detailed videos related to judging as we get later in the year and as local clubs begin entering their judging phases. Our live webinars will also include more in-depth training related to judging, as well. Moreover, we will continue to update this page with videos and/or documents that respond to frequently asked questions that are sent to us at